Vietnam's Triathlon Champion Joins #teamlecka - Lecka Germany

Vietnam's Triathlon Champion Joins #teamlecka

We are pleased to introduce our new #teamlecka Champion - Lam Quang Nhat, Vietnam's 2023 National Triathlon Champion.

Only two years after he got into triathlons, Nhat won every event in Vietnam, including the VNG-BDC Super League, Sunset Bay Triathlon, and Trifactor Vietnam. And, most recently, in July, he won the 2023 national triathlon championship.

We are excited to support Nhat on his journey to become one of Asia's best triathletes. Lots more to come!

In partnership with Nhat, Lecka hopes to raise athletes’ awareness about the importance of quality nutrition in endurance sports.

We are looking forward to working more with the triathlon and ironman community to help athletes achieve great results in training and racing.

This weekend Nhat will attend the DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 in Phan Thiet. Good luck Nhat and everyone participating!


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