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That's a Wrap - Lecka's 2020 Giving

As 2020 comes to a close, we are looking back to our first few months of Lecka. What a year it has been! 

Covid-19 changed everyone's life around the globe. In the midst of that chaos and uncertaintity, we decided to put our heads down and to start the Lecka journey. In every crisis lays an opportunity. 

We are very furtunate to begin the Lecka adventure in Vietnam, a country which has handled Covid-19 rather well so far. The early closure of borders and the tighten, temporary restrictions on public life have contained the spreading of the virus early. The second half of 2020 was (almost) back to normal, which co-incided with the start of Lecka in May 2020. 

That time was used to experiment and test a lot. We needed to find the best flavour, the best texture, the most natural Vietnamese ingredients, the most sustainable packaging, etc. A long list of experiments that needed validation. 2021 will hopefully show the results of those tests and we can successfully launch a real product to the market.

More on that in 2021. Stay tuned.

Another important step was to establish a business model that is inclusive to all stakeholders. Besides testing the product, we also spent a lot of time refining the 'Lecka Concept'. We didn't want to just build another business, but create something that takes a holistic approach to product, people and planet. Starting with no-plastic packaging, using only natural ingredients to helping more communities benefit from our (potential) growth.

As we consume from Mother Earth, we are aware that we also need to give back.

That giving back comes in two forms: 

1) Donations to Vietnamese Not-for-Profit organisations

2) In-Kind sponsorship of meaningful activities

We are selecting certain organisatios that operate in the fields of youth development and environmentalism. We have committed to donate 1% of annual sales to those organisations. That means, it is part of our business model, it is part of our P&L and not just another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget. 

With that, we are happy to share that we have supported our first organisation called VietSeeds. VietSeeds is an established foundation in Vietnam that gives scholarships to children from rural areas. In the past 10 years, VietSeeds has supported more than 550 students with more than 1550 scholarships. Even better, all those students got placed in their first job after university. 

We love VietSeed's mission, so Lecka has donated VND2,000,000 in cash and supported two running events for the students with our products (another VND2,000,000 in value). 

We are proud to support VietSeeds and are looking forward to working more with them. 

Supporting the young generation to get access to education and to be active is close to our heart and mission. 

If you have come across any good foundation that matches our criteria from above, please don't hesitate to share it with us.

Closing a year knowing that the little success we had at Lecka so far is shared with a wider community makes our journey very meaningful. It gives us a broader purpose and understanding that we are part of a wider ecosystem that can also benefit from our revenue. 

 On that note, we are wishing you a great start to 2021 :)

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