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calculate your calories

Nutrition plays a major role in our mental and physical wellbeing. Everything we eat and drink impacts the health of our body. It is crucial to know what nutrition works best for us, and how to adjust it for different life situations, whether it is just a healthy lifestyle or extreme sports.

As explained in the blog post 'Nutrition Basics', Calories are an important number as part of a daily nutrition plan and shows how much food you are consuming. Knowing how much Calories one takes in might help to understand your diet better and can lead to more insights how to achieve your goals, e.g. loosing weight, building muscles, endurance performance. It is important to note that everyone is different, so any number from the internet should be treated with caution.

For starters, it can be already useful to know the estimate of Calories that a person requires per day. That number can be a good guideline for achieving a nutrition goal. Please see here a link to a Calories calculator:

In the context of sport nutrition, Calories play an even more important role. Consuming the right amount of Calories, mostly measured by Calories / hour, can make a huge difference in the performance. Knowing your Calories number burned per hour, helps to determine how to fuel before, during and after your exercise.

As every exercise requires the body to move different muscles with different intensities, the Calories burn varies significantly for every sport.

Use this calculator for estimating your Calories burned for different exercises:

Some numbers for 1 hour exercise below (man, 30 years old, 165cm, 65kg):

Basketball: 416

Cycling: 480

Boxing: 819

Football: 512

Golf: 307

Hiking: 339

Jogging: 448

Rowing (200 Watts): 786

Running (5min/km): 755

Swimming: 371

Tennis: 465

Walking: 200

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